Tile & Structure Cleaning

State of the art technology custom tailored to your specific needs to optimize not just our initial results but the preservation of the surface for optimal life & performance.

Don’t be fooled by less expensive, quick fix destructive techniques being sold.

We can easily remove calcium, water spots, scum lines, hard water stains & more, but we focus on the unseen damage done by overpowering or using a too abrasive of material and shortening the life expectancy or performance of your surface.

Before/After Photos of Tile Cleaning & Repair

What we do

Our special equipment is mobile and we set up shop in your backyard so the magic may begin. Our specially designed units are built to clean, strip, and degrease pool tile, stone, brick, concrete, metal, wood, graffiti, and marine boat hulls with a stable and smooth flow of dry blast media, such as sand, salt, glass bead, and walnut shells, based on each individual job. The final results are always a smile maker for us and our homeowners. Let us come out and get you a free no obligation quote today.