Leak Detection

Pools • Spas • Water Features

Our most popular package includes a multi-day test of all visible above ground plumbing and as well as underground plumbing. We will also test the structure(s) and related components in question for leaks, pressure loss and visible integrity.

Exclusive multi-day test. Don’t fall prey to other less involved, useless offers. 

All common leak points are observed and/or tested: the skimmer, drains, basins, surfaces, equipment spillways and overflows. The over night test involves setting up markers and performing static tests to verify the water loss rate and to verify the leak has been repaired. Typically a multi-day test is not initiated on Friday due to the delayed timing of the second visit and too many variables being able to contaminate the test. We are proud to support not only our local homeowners but hundreds of local contractors play a major role in our success year in and out. We have been a frontrunner in the leak detection business for nearly 40 years. Bruce Nosbusch founded our company and serves as our licensed contractor today.

What we do

 During the initial test day, we will provide updates on findings and ranges of cost to repair.  It is our goal to come in on the low side of the quote range because that means we have isolated the leak accurately and the depth of the break is not extreme. And we have encountered no further leaks or other complications that we’re unforeseen before leak start point exposure. 

It is common for us to quote in ranges on repair prices due to complex nature of where the leaks are normally located.

Common leak points are under the deck, skimmer area, main drain, under planters surrounding the water feature, close to equipment and edges of pools and spas where space is tight and other pipes normally run. The depth of the breaks range based on the age and style of construction from 6 inches to many feet and we cannot predict until the project begins.

Once the second test is completed a short summary of findings and repair suggestions and estimates will be emailed to the purchaser of the service.