Leak & Crack Repair

We do crack Repair without draining your pool! We Find and fix leaks underground utilizing pressure testing and sonar technology and other advanced methods.

We specialize in fixing leaking pools, spas, fountains, basins and water structures efficiently and affordably. We have decades of experience in locating and isolating start points and source of leak so that job repair costs and down time can be kept at a minimum.

Underwater light repair, skimmer repair, main drain, deep water drain, calcium removal, stain removal and crack repair.

 Many leaks under pool structure are repaired with minimal invasive 2×2 cuts to the surface.

What we do

We do above ground and underwater crack repair with our dive teams using special compounds that will provide the best possible fix for the greatest effectiveness and durability.

 Many times water loss erodes the integrity of the area and flows to other areas providing false readings.  We work hard to properly diagnose the start point and source of your leak on our first attempt. We have decades of experience – let us put it to work on your water oasis and get you poolside quicker than anyone team in the business.