Swimming Pool Services & Repair, LLC

dba Aardvark Leak Detection & Repair

Contractors License # 1056393

Aardvark Leak Detection has been Orange County’s leak detection & repair specialist for 38 years!

Who We Are

Aardvark Leak Detection & Repair has over 38 years of experience in leak detection, underwater crack repairs, weekly pool servicing, repair & replacement on: pool heaters, motors, control panels, filter grids and units, booster pumps, led lighting, lights, control valves, pressure valves, tile, grout, mastic repair/replacement & plumbing repairs on pools and spas in Orange County. 

 Troubleshooting is our expertise and out staff is energized on every level. Aardvark sniffs & fixes leaks and problems. We find and fix leaks underground utilizing state of the art equipment, pressure testing, static testing, dye testing and sound tracing.

Our Team is Motivated

Our teams are rewarded for a job well done and we work hard to ensure that 100% satisfaction spirit flows over to our clients at every point possible