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Leak Detection & Repair

We are the best: honest, efficient and affordable. We do work for hundreds of pool companies –  thousands of leaks detected and repaired. Don’t settle for second best.

Pool & Spa Repair

Specializing in variable speed motors, heaters, LED lighting, pool lights, wi-fi and Bluetooth automation systems, controllers, salt & chlorination, filters, valves, Advanced chlorination, salt, energy efficiency, re-plumbs, & full equipment pool remodels.

Plumbing Leak & Crack Repair

We do pool, spa & water feature crack repair without draining your pool or body of water! We Find and fix leaks underground utilizing pressure testing and advanced technologies, specializing in underwater crack and leak repair.

Pool & Spa Maintenance

Professional pool service is a must to maintain a safe pool environment. We offer weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool and spa services on chlorine and salt pools from our fleet of trucks that have been running for decades.

Tile & Grout Cleaning

State of the art equipment custom tailored to your specific surface needs for optimal results and structure preservation. One day service on entire mastic and grout replacement for your entire pool. A great value for overall beauty and pool appearance.

Diversity & Flexibility

Pool•Spa•Repair•Leak Detection
Fast, Friendly, Honest, Efficient, Attentiveness to Cleanliness and Job Details

Pool Leak Detection & Repair

All common leak points are observed and/or tested: the skimmer, drains, basins, surfaces, equipment spillways and overflows.

Reputable Company

Thousands of clients served. We are licensed, insured and bonded as a California contracted licensed company.
C53 – swimming pool
C61 / D35 – Pool and Spa maintenance
CSLB# 1056393 


Same day emergency service available

Email for emergency service. Water heaters and parts on hand.

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Why use us

Almost all of our customers say “I should of never of waited” and “that is the best bang for the buck” after seeing the results of our work. Licensed, bonded and fully insured. Attentiveness to detail. Affordable. Avoid the next costly emergency.


“Excellent Experience from my first call until the leak was completely fixed and we were swimming that evening. Company is very efficient, affordable, honest and ready to not mess around and complete the job with no surprises to orignal qoute. We thought our pool was on it’s last leg but we are hosting the block POOL party for the 4th of July. Thank you to a well run team.”

A.S. • Mission Viejo, CA • 06/2019

“We realized that we had a leak in our pool because our auto-fill was constantly running and the salt level kept dropping.  We were referred to Aardvark by our pool maintenance company, Fusion Pools.

Aardvark was at our house within an hour of calling, and had the leak localized by the end of the day.  They returned the following day and made a fairly complicated repair, leaving almost no sign of their work.  They then retested the entire plumbing system to ensure the repair was solid and that there were no other leaks.

Their pricing was very reasonable, considering the complicated and labor-intensive nature of the work.

We would definitely recommend Aardvark to any friends or neighbors experiencing issues with their pool.”

Scotland R. • San Clemente, CA • 02/2019

“We were adding water to our pool at an alarming rate….1 1/2 to 2 hours at a time to fill the pool. Our weekly pool service man gave us the card for Aardvark Pool & Spa Leak Detection. I called and was told the cost up front for someone to come to our home and to diagnose the problem. The problem was found in our pool vacuum line and it was repaired. This included cutting out a brick ribbon on our deck and installing a new vacuum line for the pool. This avoided digging up our patio, which was wonderful. Stacy kept us informed every day as to what would be happening, which was very much appreciated. Bruce, the owner, was serious about fixing our problem. His crew – Kyle and Deryck – were great at their jobs. Bruce, Stacy, et al, were fantastic. We are no longer wasting water, a precious commodity here in Southern California. We highly recommend Aardvark Pool & Spa Leak Detection.”

Meta & Mike R. • Laguna Niguel, CA • 03/2018